Special effects team explains how to swindle with video

Camera footage of car attack on Times Square may be fake

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A special effects team explained in a quickly produced video how the CCTV footage of the attacking car on Times Square may have been faked:

Yesterday we indicated here that the car attack on Times Square had likely been staged. Back then we still believed that there had been real victims and even a deadly casualty. Now we have come to doubt that, because of this short documentary.

This is the released CCTV footage:

Would the smoke or dust cloud between 1:12 and 1:19 not be over the top?

Of course it was already suspect that so soon after the incident on Times Square that much and gruesome footage had been released, while there had been no footage release of most previous alleged terror attacks.

We also recommend the comments on the documentary video, in particular the ones that we copied below. Hello World is a member of the special effects team.

Andre van DelftHave the car incidents on Times Square and Staten Island been staged? After Big Ben: Ole Dammegård foretold fake attack in New York

Hello World: WOW MINDBLOWING!!!!! you are right!! i listen to Ole myself and I remember he clearly stated NYC will be next target. He was right AGAIN!!!!

tezcat:  The dead girl is fake too? WTF is wrong with you?

FU: What dead girl? FAKE!

Heather Bernhardt: hey assholes i can tell you that thats NOT faked. My kid was one of the ones faked so F off!!

vicksdad: Please provide name and hospital so we can send some flowers and chocs.

Rocco Astoria: lol please gimme a fuckin break

ufewl: why both faking it tho? much cheaper to do it for real.

Hello World: This has been discussed before. the main reason why they hoax it is cuz this way they have full control over everything and everybody. If real peope get hurt, they might start to turn stones and do their own research. Real victims could be the real danger to expose such an event as an inside job. That's why they hire people who sign nondisclosure agreement and don't mind cuz nobody gets hurt. That's how they can pull of hoaxes that involve like a hundred people. Of course, I have no behind the scenes knowledge, O can assure you there are no real peope killed or injured. Start your research with Boston bombing and you will understand.

robert ridley: yeah well they didn't fake that you insensitive moron. This isn't the movies, it happeneds to be real life. If you don't want to believe it then dont. I think people like you have too much time on your hands. The Girl that died, her body isn't even cold yet, and here you already have a video debunking it.

Lucky Strike: Just another piece of shit channel that wants views over the back of real victims. Sad world this is.

World has been Corrupted: Keep living the dream.

Lucky Strike: World has been Corrupted Go tell that to my cousin that is fighting for his life in the hospital right now because he got hit by that fucking car you piece of shit. Y'all tin hat faggots are the ones that are living in a big conspiracy dream. You retards get a fuckin life and maybe one day a grip on reality

Phil Jermakian1:00 really seems like they cut out frames to make it appear faster. The arm waver does 3 arm waves and moves sideways walking in the same time the car completes its turn. Car is going like 10 mph I bet. Much faster would be impossible anyway with that tight uturn.

vicksdad: Start of a new science. "Forensic hoax analysis," for an expanding market.

Vehemently Flat: my only remaining question is -- how did they eliminate witnesses who would see that what actually happened at that time in times square was different than the footage shown on tv.

Hello World: there is no need to eliminate any witnesses because they dont have a voice. the media wil not give them a platform and nobdy else will believe them. most people who saw the staging take place will still believe the official story and never question it.

Vehemently Flat: what do you think genuine witnesses actually saw with their eyes? what action, do you think, did they actually play out on the street day of?

Hello World: I think the videos were filmed on a different day, in a different place (greenscreen), some of them with no car, some of them with a car and stuntmen. I believe a stuntdriver crashed the car as planned. Thats it. Thats only my guess. The only thing I know for sure is that the event is staged and all the injured are fake crisis actors. How they did it exactly is not important. Its about making people realize yes, THEY CAN stage things like this and yes THEY DO.

Vehemently Flat: I was just curious if you had figured out that part too, as you totally nailed these other parts of how they did it imo -- trying to figure it out myself, what real witnesses might have actually seen. for my own interest, because I'm super curious like that, not that that info is necessary to know it's fake. 100% (bazillion %) agree all fake. & I think you are right action was all filmed different day. and edited together in layers. love your channel, love tough/cute raccoon face :) i'll be checking out your vids in future!

Hello World: Thank you :D I started digging deeply into hoaxes when the Berlin christmas market show happened cuz Im from Germany. I have plans for more videos. I will probably make a video "How to spot Fake Victims" and a Connect the dots on all car attack hoaxes. Stay tuned :D

Vehemently Flat: ok!! will do. I started with realizing boston bombing, like two years after it happened. took me like three months of watching same proofs over and over. I could not process easily. but now I see one frame of an unrealistically missing shoe - & I'm like .... it's happening again.

Hello World: yeah, once you woke up you cant go back. i have the problem you mention with my real life friends, no matter what proof i show them, they always make up excuses for it which is why i dont try anymore. waking up is an individual process. its really like in the matrix movie, you can show people the door but they have to walk through it on their own. on the other hand, i can relate cuz most things like the missing shoe only make sense when you have already seen it again and again.

Vehemently Flat: yeah, it takes so much to see it the first time. it really feels like choosing to walk through a door that you always believed was a wall. I awakened one friend but it took me many months an it was kinda brutal in the process, so emotionally exhausting, fights and stuff -- until - clear skies now he gets it all and tells me about stuff -- but because it was so rough I let the rest of my friends stay thinking I'm a little nuts, for now. though I' really hoping some day they will get to it on their own,

Hello World: yeah, i settle with this compromise, dont expect them to be convinced 100%, its natural to have doubt but i want them to see its a possibility and i demand respect for my views. people have been so indoctrinated to call every critical thinking a conspiracy theory which is a term created by the CIA to cover up the JFK plot. I just call it critical thinking, investigative journalism, media scepticism which is what it reallly is.

Marcy Marcy: You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a foolish person who will get your karma returned. The girl who died is from my city. Your sad!

danny j: I guess all the previous "lone wolf car homicides" with no video evidence was wearing thin? Time to spend the extra bucks on a Hollywood production.

Traci Tea: People who think the CCTV footage is real need to see this CGI footage

Unfortunately every now and then people pop up in this kind of discussions, who falsly claim that a family member or a friend or so is among the victims. In the above copied comments that happened twice. In such cases identifying details never are given. This happened also to us in the discussion on Facebook that belonged to our article on the alleged attack in Londen of March 22.